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The universal app for Windows 10 is finally here

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After more time than expected, our top app has finally become a Universal Windows App leveraging the amazing possibilities of Windows 10.

The UI has been totally reworked and written from scratch to take advantage of the new design language offered by the new release of Windows. The overall experience should be quite good, but we need to make some improvements here and there. So you should expect many updates in the upcoming weeks that will overcome its minor flaws.

Unfortunately we are not ready yet for the Mobile experience, but it will be available soon. You can continue to use the old version on your Windows Phone 8.x meanwhile.

More integration with Windows Phone 8

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Now it's time to drop the support for Windows Phone 7.x based devices and charge on towards WP 8/8.1

Stay tuned on this!

Version 3.8.2087.7 released

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This update is the result of tons of improvements we made both server and client side. The huge plus you'll find in this release are pictures from Curiosity on Mars.

The new section "Curiosity" allows you to keep up to date with the latest images sent from the Curiosity from Mars to Earth. These are raw images, so many of them may seem nonsense, but still they give you a nice look-at what Mars looks like today!

Another important improvement is related to the Live Tile, now localized in your language (if available).

Enjoy this much awaited updated as we're going to update the Windows 8 version too.

Version 3.7.2018 released

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Fixed the broken link to SDO feed and improved the background picture downloader.


Version 3.5 released

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Another bunch of bug fixes, plus background image download for a better user experience and a lot of news from the astro-world.

Version 3.1 released

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This release brings new podcasts, videos and an improved UX.

Version 2.5 released

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We've added the ability to watch the Sun from your phone, a great addition to all space lovers out there.

Just add your favourite channel to your start screen and watch the Sun spinning as hours pass. Enjoy these amazing contents from NASA-SDO.

Version 2.2 released

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In addition to a fix for the Deep-Zoom feature, version 2.2 gives you access to more news from the scientific world.

Enjoy news from

Version 2.1 released

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This release is a bug fix one, improving the background panorama experience.

Version 2.0 released

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Astronomy Hub finally went Mango. Regardless our difficulties with the LG Customer Service, we worked hard to deliver to you the Mango update for our top Hub.

In this release, we focused on making your browsing experience more faster: while you are reading an article, you can slide your finger to the edge of the screen to navigate backward or forward through this huge archive! Plus, we restyled the favourites section to match better the Metro UX and improved YouTube support.

Another great addon is the pin to start feature, a must have feature in most Mango apps. The overall performance has been improved, plus, the recents panel is now more comfortable to use: no taps are needed to load older articles.

Hope you'll like this update as much as we do. Don't forget to rate us!

The Mango update is coming!

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We're sorry if this update took such a long time, but we waited for our development device to be fixed by the LG Customer Service, without results. As nearly 2 months have passed, we decided to release this important update regardless being tested on a real device.

The ByteStorms team and I hope to bring you a great Mango experience within the next week, as Astronomy Hub 2.0 is waiting to be approved by Microsoft before being pushed to your Mango phone!

Version 1.5 released

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Unfortunately, this release is not a "Mango release" yet. We have added a rich Deep-Zoom experience to see every details of pictures you love. Plus, thanks to a guy named Bernd Gastermann, we delivered a localized experience to every German-speaking customer out there.

If you like this app, your 5 stars will help us to improve it with new features.

Version 1.4 released

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Fixed Live Tile issues and minor bugs.

Version 1.3 released

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Fixed a bug with existing favourites when updating from 1.1 to 1.2.

Version 1.2 released

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This time we added YouTube videos support within the app itself in a very nice way. Also we fixed a small amount of minor bugs.

Version 1.1 released

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This release fix an issue loading the archive from the cache only.

Version 1.0 released

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Discover the cosmos as you have never done before, feel the incredible experience of a journey beyond the universe's edge with your Windows Phone 7. Astronomy Hub brings scientific articles and amazing shots to your Windows Phone, pulled daily from Astronomy Picture Of The Day website.

Featuring over 5000 articles at your thumbs, written by professional astronomers, you will able to quench your thirst for knowledge and you'll able to astonish your friends with info about the universe around us. Do you want more? Pin the app to your start screen and live the daily experience of a cosmic Live Tile. This is the only complete and fully integrated astronomy Hub you'll ever try. Our Live Tile's are optimized to save your battery life.

What are you waiting for? Download Astronomy Hub and begin to explore the universe like a true astronaut today.

Do you want to suggest something? Any contact information is available from the about page. If you like this app, your 5 stars will help us to improve it with new features.